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The Admiral and Webb had to think of a way to change that. After much discussion they came up with a plan. We tell them it's for their own protection. A group of militiamen from the Brotherhood of Freedom wants revenge for putting their leader in prison. We'll tell them the Roberts want them to look after him while they're in the safe house. We will have to put them in the witness protection program for next few years until the threat has been eliminated. If they were lawyers, sooner or later they would draw attention to themselves.

I have arranged for two teaching position in the law department. We will give them new names, David and Catherine Harmon.

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AJ will be their adopted son, Andrew. I think they would be too inhibited to express their love for each other if they weren't. They would probably chicken out thinking that eventually they would return to JAG. Besides it's what they really want. They are playing a dangerous game of chicken right now. I think they are waiting to see who will cave in first. Unfortunately they are both very stubborn individuals who might miss out on the best thing in their lives that will ever happen to them. We can't let things continue to go as they are now. They have something very special, I don't want to see them blow it.

Webb was standing by the window with hands in his pockets. When Harm and Mac entered the office they saw Webb, they wondered what was wrong. Harm gave a look to Mac, what's happening, her look in return told Harm she didn't know. The Admiral gave them a look of dread. It looked like he was going to tell them some very bad news. Harm and Mac looked uneasy as the Admiral told them "At ease, please take a seat both of you. As time has past the Roberts have been worried that something might happen and little AJ could be killed. There was a break in at the house they were at.

We were able to get there in time to get them out okay. They would like the two of you to look after him until they're able to come home. Bud and Harriet are two of our best friends. We would do anything to help them out. Do you know how long they might be staying in the safe house.

There is no way of knowing. The threat needs to be eliminated first. It could be a few weeks or it could take years. Are you in agreement with the Colonel, Rabb? Then we got a tip that the militia is after both of you also. They want both of you dead. You will be assigned new identities, David and Catherine Harmon and their son Andrew. You both will be teaching law at a small private university in Washington. You will not be able to make contact with any family members or friends during this time.

We will inform them as necessary that you are safe and doing well. And besides you really don't want to marry him anyways. Your safety is our first priority. The Chaplin will be here this afternoon. Webb has sent his men to clean out your apartments and pack up your belongings. Anything concerning your time in the service or you identities will be stored away. Don't worry we'll talk to him. He's just S. This is for your own safety Colonel.

We're taking this threat very seriously. I suggest you do the same. Hoping that would convince her. It didn't seem real. Bud and Harriet were nearly killed. He and Mac were going to take care of Aj. And now they were going to be living together as man and wife under the witness protection plan. What else could happen?

Why don't the two of you go and grab some lunch and be back here by hours. Good luck to both of you.

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Harm and Mac left Jag and went to lunch. They went to one of their favorite out of the way Italian restaurant. Before he knew what was happening, Mac had climbed on top of him and was pinning his arms to the bed. If I start kissing you, I'm not sure I'll be able to stop. And I want us to date for a while before we move further. We can check out early, go pick Mattie up, then I'll take you both to lunch before the appointment.

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If I have my way, you'll eventually live there with me and Mattie, so it seems right that you find one you like too. If it wasn't so funny, it'd be sad. It wakes me up, and makes me feel better for the rest of the day. Well in that case, do me a favor. Call Mattie and tell her to be ready in 45 minutes. If she doesn't answer the first time, keep trying. She and Jen sleep like logs. Whoever this is better have one hell of a good excuse for waking me up at on a Saturday Mattie's sleepy voice came over the line. But not like you're thinking. There was nothing except sleeping going on. Alright, I believe you.

But only because I know Harm wouldn't sleep with anyone on the first date. Although you all have been dating for almost a decade, but you didn't know it. Well, Harm's getting out of the shower now, so I'm going to go take one real quick. We'll see you in a while. Harm walked out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel, still whistling. He went to his room and bent over his overnight bag. Give her something to talk to Jen about I've never understood why you wear make-up. You don't need it, you have the natural beauty already. Harm, Mac, and Mattie got out of the Lexus to look at the 4th house of the day.

This one was in Great Falls, Virginia. The best part was that it was in Harm's price range. If you don't like it, I'll look up some others for us to look at next Saturday. I have a meeting. However, the owners are inside and will give you a tour. As you can see it has a large fireplace, which is wood burning. The carpet and wallpaper is brand new, so if will be good for another years. Nice sealed wood floors, but carpet could be put down if you have any little ones running around. You don't want anybody slipping on the floor. The oldest, Matt, is in law school.

Grace and Sarah are both at Georgetown. Then there's Joshua, who's about your age, Mattie. He's probably around here somewhere. Bigger than a nook, but not as large as the dining room. Here's the kitchen, and there's Joshua. Joshua, this is Mattie. Her parents are looking at the house. I just wish it were closer. Being gone 9 months a year isn't fun. I like the military lifestyle though. I want to go to the Naval Academy when I graduate. I've started applying and trying to get my recommendations. He goes to Carson Long Military Institute, so he only gets to go out while he's on summer break.

Yet, he still wants to go to Annapolis. You don't have time to think about girls until your last year anyway, so it works out pretty well. They had their first date last night, but they've been partners and best friends for 8 years. I can promise you they'll be married within the next year and a half. Harm's already said he wants to get married in the Naval Academy Chapel, so that will be pretty cool to go to.

My mom is probably almost done, but I can show you the upstairs real quick. Pretty boring. And the room my mom uses for sewing and scrapbooking is here. Also boring. We'll swing by your place so you can grab somemore clothes are stuff. I'll even let you bring Rex-Bear. Well, thank you, it is. It's actually my house. Joshua's room is my room, complete with drum set, always unmade bed, and desk. I also have a bass, but I suck at playing it. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Rex-Bear is also mine, because I modeled him after my own teddy bear whose name is Max-Bear Authors Notes : I'm working on another story, which will end up being kind of long.

Would you like to go out with me tomorrow night? Are you surprised? What time will you pick me up? When he asked her out. That happened 3 minutes later. I'm impressed. But how did you manage to get here exactly on time? You'll see in a moment. He took her hand and kissed it. You look very nice too. That tie is a great color for you. And Mattie's right. You could get any woman with those eyes. Next comes dinner.

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What about Catherine Gale? Clay and I broke up a month ago. So I assume you broke it off? But he understood completely. He wants to remain friends. And there's someone out there who can give him that love. I want him to be happy. He's done alot for me.

I like you away from JAG. But I'm only giving you what you deserve on a first date. That's what your name means, you know. It means Princess. Didn't anyone ever tell you that? Sarah means Princess. However, I promise that you'll love it. I'm hungry. The limo stopped and the driver came around to open their door.

Harm stepped out and then offered his hand to Mac, who was shocked when she saw where they were. How did you arrange it in such a short amount of time? This way we're undisturbed. You didn't pay that much just so we could be by ourselves. I didn't want to share you with anyone tonight, so I got the room.

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Enjoying her summer vacation as much as she can, being alone all day. It would be kind of hard. They walked quietly for a while, until they got to the Washington Monument. Have you ever been up? But I think if would be nice to see at night. This really doesn't feel like a first date. Mac turned around to look out once they had gotten to the top. Harm just stood to the side. She felt his eyes on her and looked up at him. Harm finally broke contact. I've always wanted to see it lit up at night. Picture me pregnant.

I know I'll look bad then. I want you. I knew you cared, but I didn't know your feelings ran that deep. But not yet. Just know that you're the most important person in my world. He stood up and tugged her up with him. He then wrapped his arms tightly around her. I'm not feeling very well. I think the shrimp in my salad just didn't agree with my stomach.

I just need to lay down for a while. I can walk. This will be easier. But tonight you're with me. Mac started walking toward the bathroom. I'll do that for you. You relax for a few minutes. A stomachache isn't going to kill me. But humor me, please? When it finished filling he turned on the jets and went out to let her know it was ready.

Yell if you need me for anything.

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That get-up has my hormones raging. Take advantage implies that it's not consensual. Go drown yourself with bubbles, relax, and maybe that stomachache will go away. I want to know about these plans when I get out, though. Mac came out of the bathroom 25 minutes later You stole them! She smiled at him. Her hand was sprawled across his chest. Go back to sleep. What's the ransom? Don't you think I'm pretty? He rubbed circles on her back. I'll probably just read all day after you take me home.

It's Now sleep. And since you're the substitute, you get held the same way. Uncle Matt gave him to me when I was 4. I was into dinosaurs at a young age. Bet your stuffed one never did that. Can't say he ever has. Wake up. He didn't move a muscle. Mac tried an alternative. She bent down next to his head and started kissing his neck. Just that it tickles. We need to check out in 34 minutes. You just took a bath last night. Are you hungry? You go shower your smelly self. You're too kind. Mac went to the phone and dialed the number to Jen and Matties apartment. Why are you calling me?

We'll be there to pick you up in about 45 minutes. I just figured he came home really early this morning.

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He quickly straightened back up. And don't do that. So round and firm. You'll get your's kicked. She'll spread the news. Well you look beautiful without it. But I really do need to take a shower. I'll be ready to go in 15 minutes. Harm was standing out on the balcony staring out at the Potomic River. And Arlington makes a perfect backdrop for it.

I sometimes go over to the Marine Corps Memorial and sit and stare out at the city. It's the perfect place to raise a family.

You're coming with me. Why don't you go get Mattie?