Triple d mac and cheese muffins recipe

I will be making these again! Thank you for posting this! Anyway, I was thinking I would make my first batch with a whole egg and see how they do. How much banana to add and when do you add it? Basically you change out the milk of choice for an equal amount of banana. You can leave in the sugar if you wish, or omit it for subtly-sweet muffins. Just wondering… why are you even bothering to mention an egg?

Just curious, but I understand if you want to appeal to a larger readership, beyond the vegan community, and people might be put off by the hassle of using vegan egg replacements even though to be honest they are so EASY: I love flax egg, I just keep a packet of flax and take a tablespoon out of it whenever needed!

She cares more about showing veganism in a non-judgmental light and maybe inspiring omnivores to try out more vegan recipes and read about ingredients so it becomes more mainstream and accepted. It simply would have caused fewer people to be exposed to vegan ingredients.

She believe small changes are important and that sometimes you have to compromise along the way in order to achieve your main goal. However Katie is still vegan and will always offer a vegan option for every single recipe she posts. The aftertaste was harsh.. With love, Steph. Hi, I read your comment and wanted to reply because it sounds like is it possible you used baking soda instead of baking powder?

I am positive that I used Baking Powder the packaging is the special Argo small plastic container versus the larger ziploc Baking Soda packaging … maybe i was just me!? I double checked the recipe it was inspired from, and that was teaspoons, which is why I was curious. Thanks for replying, though! It may have just something else that I measured incorrectly… Steph. With aluminum free I never get a weird taste. Why does this recipe call for an egg?? Rest assured, Katie has not changed her values.

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Her recipes are so good they convince non vegans to try vegan options. Thanks, CCK, for spreading the word about healthy eating. These are delicious!

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I am not vegan, and while I love your recipes and the vegan adaptability, I also like to use things like real eggs at times. I used a real egg in these and used fresh blueberries instead of chocolate chips, and they were amazing. Thank you, Katie! These are crazy good!! I made three batches over the weekend, two with just chocolate chips and one with chocolate chips, cinnamon, and shredded zucchini.

My kids and I gobbled them up almost faster than I could make them. I did use a whole cage free farm fresh egg in each batch, so they came out pretty yellow. I will definitely keep this recipe at the front of my files. I just made a batch and added a couple tablespoons of pumpkin since I had some on hand in the fridge, came out amazing!

I made 4 full sized muffins and baked them for 17 minutes at Thanks so much for the recipe, Katie! I used an egg and my sweetener of choice is ez sweets liquid stevia. My mini muffins came out dense and tasteless. Any suggestions? Hmm, is the baking powder bad maybe? What brand almond flour? I never knew Baking Powder could go bad. When you mix the dry ingredients with the liquid did you mix it by hand or with a mixer.

Cause I did it for about a minute by hand. Maybe the liquid stevia played a role? I have no idea, but that stood out to me because the recipe calls for powdered or granulated sweetener. Hope you have better results next time! Just made these! They turned out great! I ate one with peanut butter and I think I may have found my newest obsession. I love this recipe! Hi, just look for a baking powder that does not have cornstarch.

I found this website that has a couple different options. This is my new go to keto muffin recipe. I made a triple batch of these and made three flavors. Vanilla with chocolate chips, Orange with chocolate chip and, Mint chocolate chip my favorite, chocolate batter with chocolate chips and peppermint. Tastes like a thin mint muffin. These were moist and delicious. Now I will mention my milk of choice for keto cakes and muffins is canned full-fat coconut milk usually found with Asian food at the store.

All in all, great recipe. Great idea for the coconut milk! I just made a batch with zucchini, cinnamon and sugar free chocolate chips, so good!! Can you mention the recipe for chocolate version please? How much cocoa powder did you add? Did you reduce the amount of milk or eggs instead? THESE muffins are life! Also top them with cream cheese frosting… Thank you for this amazing recipe!!!

Perhaps it was the almond flour not marked as fine but appears to be so …love the idea of easy morning keto muffins! Would whole wheat pastry flour be an okay substitute for me? Thanks for any help. I just made these and they did not disappoint! Mine made 6 normal sized muffins. Do you know the nutritional information for these? It sounds like a fun experiment! Katie has done a similar recipe in a loaf pan as banana bread and also a not-yet-posted keto chocolate cake based on this muffin recipe, so I think it should work.

Just made a batch of these using swerve as my sweetener, soy milk for my milk choice and a real egg. I added a couple drops of almond extract and a sprinkling of frozen blueberries.

triple d mac and cheese muffins recipe

Now the hard part…waiting for my fasting window to open to try them!! Hoping to add this recipe to my rotation. These are amazing!! I made a batch with chocolate chips, delicious!!

Homemade Creamy Mac and Cheese

Then I mixed a bit of the dough with xylitol and cinnamon and put that on top for a cinnamon roll flavour. Brought both to a brunch and they were gone within ten minutes! Noone believed me when I told them the ingredients! Thank you for all these great recipes, you make living healthier so much fun! I hate to tell you this, Katie, but those muffins are not keto.

The sweeteners are not keto. The chocolate chips are not keto. Baking powder is not keto. They are certainly low carb but our ancestors did not have anything like those ingredients. The first time I made these, they were OK after cooling the first day. A bit grainy texture-wise and a bit dry- could have been the almond flour I used or maybe I overbaked them a bit?

That said, on the second day they had more moisture and a softer texture — pretty tasty!! Double chocolate muffins kept the choc. My family ate ALL of these the same day I made them haha!

The recipe you are talking about, is for one batch? Can you be a little precise about the ingredient quantity pls? Sorry Im a super amateur baker so i have no idea how to copy your recipe to make these as chocolate muffins.

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