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MacOSX Print Driver Install and Job Accounting

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To delete a print job, double-click on the Epson printer in the Printer List. Then follow one of the instructions below: To delete a single print job: Click on the print job in the list to highlight it. Click Delete to cancel the selected jobs. Tip: Pressing the Command key while clicking allows you to select multiple items.

An alert box appears.

Windows hosted print queues

Click OK. All print jobs are deleted do not delete the printers, or you will have to set them up again. Note: You cannot pause or delete print jobs on another user's shared printer. Troubleshooting: You have received an error message If you have received one of the following error messages, see the steps that follow: "Printer's queue is stopped. Mac OS X Click on Printers then Show Printer List. Click on your printer to highlight it. Click on Printers then Start Jobs.

The printer should resume printing the jobs. If not, move to Step 5. If the queue stops immediately after being started, check the printer is powered on and check its connection to the computer such as the USB or Firewire cable. One of the following factors may stop the printer from being able to accept or complete a print job: Paper feed issues Ink tanks that are empty, improperly installed, or misaligned. Loose connections or damaged cables.

Look for a status in the print window. Try to Delete jobs then restart the Mac and try to print again. If this fails see article Troubleshooting printer installation and communication issues in Mac OS X v. Back to Top.

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The Status column shows whether the job is printing or on hold. To pause a print job, click on Hold from the menu.

To resume a print job, click on Resume from the menu. To stop print jobs pause the printer , click on Stop Jobs from the top of the window.