Mac vs pc for adobe after effects

It takes time to export on Premiere Pro and export time is often used to measure performance. With our export tests we found using Metal on a Mac, rather than OpenCL often resulted in a decent performance gain.

Mac vs PC for MoGraph | Part 1: More Bang for your Buck?

RED footage was an exception, usually taking twice as long or longer to export with Metal. For more information on PC performance compared to Mac systems, you can check out our other articles here.

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Our experts will respond you shortly. Latest Reviews. This was just before OSX. When OSX came along, whilst it was flawed for a while it was a wonderful experience. I have also bought quite a lot of Windows laptops, but never a desktop since that first PC. I have never liked Windows, hated viruses, hated the clunkiness of it all compared to Macs.

Best Computer for Adobe Creative Cloud

NLE editing is such a joy compared to tape to tape and I took to it like a duck to water. Final Cut Pro has been a joy up until they stopped making it with version 7. It was then that I switched to Premiere Pro 5.

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What about FCP X? Well of course I own it and have tried it many times, I even had to do something with it this week. I find it really limiting and really dislike the colour correction tools. When I made the MZED Cinematic Masterclass it was a huge commitment in time; in planning, shooting and especially post production which took about 3 months of my life!

After Effects CC 2018: iMac Pro & Mac Pro vs PC Workstation

Stuck in my edit suite starting at my face endlessly on the screen. Because the series was made in 4K that also meant a lot more time editing it.

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Report Post. I switched last year.

Difference between Adobe Premiere vs Final Cut Pro

After Effects will work exactly the same. You will need to install PC versions of any plugins you may have used.

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  • Also, you may need to transfer fonts over if you used an unique fonts in your projects. Otherwise it is seamless opening on one or the other.